Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service

Tests Available to BYU Students

Registered BYU students are only allowed to take a test for a language that isn't taught at BYU in a given semester. Below is a list of the tests that currently registered BYU students are allowed to take through the FLATS program; while we make every effort to ensure this list accurately reflects courses taught at BYU this semester, at times certain languages have classes added or dropped that may make this list incomplete (or may list languages for which, in fact, a registered BYU student cannot take an exam). It is your responsibility to verify which courses are being taught in the semester you want to take the test to determine your eligibility for using the FLATS program. No credit will be given for an exam you take if a course in that language was taught at the time of the exam. If you are looking to register for a test in a language other than those listed below, you will NOT do so through this website, but will instead work directly through the academic department at BYU that houses the language. For more information (and for a list of departments to contact for other language credit exams), click here.


Important to Note