Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service

Language Credit Exams for BYU Students Offered Separate from the FLATS Program

Some languages (see list below) are taught on campus through the Center for Language Studies or other language departments. If BYU students—or visiting non-BYU students during summer term or through Evening Classes—wish to obtain credit for any of these languages, they must enroll in the designated language class at BYU and take the credit exam during the course of the class that semester. Graded credit will be given for tests (14 credits for Asian languages and 16 credits for other languages) only during the appropriate class. (If you are a non-BYU student and are interested in earning 14 to 16 graded credits, consider participating in the Spring/Summer Visiting Student Program, or, if you live near Provo, check the Evening Classes Schedule for a class that offers a BYU language Challenge Exam.) Look under FLANG for the less-commonly-taught languages.

NOTE: FLATS cannot give tests to BYU students for the languages that are taught at BYU at the time you would like to take the test. It is the student's responsibility to determine whether a given language is being taught in a given semester.

Languages That May Be Taught on Campus

Albanian 330R (FLANG)
Armenian 330R (FLANG)
Bulgarian 330R (FLANG)
Cambodian 330R (FLANG)
Cantonese 201 or 202 (CANT)
Croatian 330R (FLANG)
Czech 330R (FLANG)
Danish 340 (HCCL)
Dutch 340 (FLANG)
English as a Second Language (Linguistics) (LING)
Estonian 330R (FLANG)
Finnish 340 (HCCL)
French 321 (FREN)
German 330 (GERM)
Hmong 330R (FLANG)
Hungarian 330R (FLANG)
Indonesian 330R (FLANG)
Italian 321 (ITAL)
Japanese 300 (JAPAN)
Korean 301 (KOREA)
Latvian 330R (FLANG)
Lithuanian 330R (FLANG)
Malagasy 330R (FLANG)
Mandarin 112, 201 or 202 (CHIN)
Mongolian 330R (FLANG)
Norwegian 340 (HCCL)
Polish 330R (FLANG)
Portuguese 321 (Brazilian or Continental) (PORT)
Romanian 340 (ROM)
Russian 330 (RUSS)
Samoan 330R (FLANG)
Serbian 330R (FLANG)
Slovenian 330R (FLANG)
Spanish 321 (SPAN)
Swedish 340 (HCCL)
Tagalog 330R (FLANG)
Thai 330R (FLANG)
Tongan 330R (FLANG)
Ukrainian 330R (FLANG)
Vietnamese 330R (FLANG)