Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service

General Information

The Foreign Language Testing Program provides tests for credit for 60 languages. Students who have acquired a certain level of competency can receive credit for language skill achieved. There are 12 credits possible for each test. Our office will send the results to the school or institution indicated on the registration form, but it is each student’s responsibility to arrange for the credits to be recorded at the school or institution of choice. BYU cannot grant credit to non-BYU students.

(Note: if you are a non-BYU student and are interested in earning 14 to 16 graded credits, consider participating in the Spring/Summer Visiting Student Program, or, if you are nearby, check the Evening Classes or Salt Lake Center schedule for the class that offers the BYU Challenge Exam. You will need to look under FLANG for the less-commonly taught languages.)

Please note: This test is only available in the United States where we currently have certified proctors.


The only method of registration is through our website. Please follow the appropriate links for the correct testing location and test. Once registration is complete, further instructions will be given to you on your registration confirmation page. Our contact information is below:

Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service
Office of Digital Humanities
1163 JFSB
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602-6703
(801) 422-3512

Test Preparation

We have no preparation materials available. One of the most successful ways to prepare for any given language test is to review your reading ability in the language. It is also helpful if you have a friend with whom you can practice both listening and speaking the language.


There are 12 pass/fail credit hours possible for all tests given through our testing program. These pass/fail credits can not be changed to graded credit. The student will receive official results within 2 weeks of completing the test. Official results will be mailed to the school or institution indicated on the registration form. A copy will also be sent to the student's address indicated on the form, and a copy will be placed on file in our office. If the student checks the "hold" box on the registration form, the scores will not be sent to the school.

Test Format

All tests have a listening, reading and grammar component and cover the equivalent of the first three semesters of a given language, i.e. 101, 102, and 201. The tests are multiple-choice. All tests are on a pass/fail basis and graded credit will NOT be given. Students are allowed two and a half hours to complete their test.

BYU Students ONLY

BYU STUDENTS CANNOT REGISTER FOR A TEST ONLINE. BYU Students must come in to our office in 1163 JFSB in order to register for a test. A Challenge Examination Form will then be given to the BYU student. The student will take the form to the Cashier's office in the ASB, where they will pay a $20.00 testing fee to have the form validated. Students must then return the validated form to our office to complete the registration. Language tests offered to BYU students are listed on the FLATS' website (click on the link List of tests offered to BYU students).

Non-BYU Students

Non-BYU students must register on the website. Languages offered to non-BYU students are listed on our website. The testing fee is $50.00 for all non-BYU students.

BEFORE REGISTERING FOR A FLATS TEST contact your school or institution to see whether they will award you credit from your university based on your performance on a FLATS test. All tests are proctored. It is the student's responsibility to make necessary arrangements with the proctor to take a test. All tests are multiple-choice and are scored as pass/fail. Students are allowed 2 ½ hours to complete the test. Please allow two weeks for completion of the reporting process.